Saturday, November 30, 2013

California Prep Challenge!

In my mind, it's never too early for Christmas. However, since Thanksgiving is officially over, it is completely appropriate to be excited! I can't wait to get into the holiday spirit and spend some more time with my family and friends. My holiday time is going to be spent in California with all my cousins and I've decided that I want to do a little outfit challenge! I'm going to allow myself to buy new clothes specifically for my trip to Cali and those are the only clothes I'm allowed to wear there. Here's the goal:

  • Never repeat an outfit
  • Keep it affordable
  • Make sure the packing stays light 
  • Keep it interesting!

We're leaving on the 20th and staying for a week. So starting on December 1st it's going to be a 20 day countdown to my trip. I'll document all the clothes I buy (where I buy them from and for how much) and I'll put together outfits and post them! 

I'm ecstatic and I can't wait to show you what I come up with!

Much Love,

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