Friday, December 27, 2013

California Love

I'm back from my seven day trip to the Golden State! Needless to say, it was perfectly amazing. For most of my trip I was taking it easy (it got pretty quiet on the blog too), but I also spent a considerable amount of my time getting some important things done! I shopped, ate, organized, took a hike or two, and toured universities.

Top Left: Isn't our puppy so cute?! His name is Nick!
Top Right: Our backyard in California pretty much left me in awe. (I'm still obsessed with how beautiful it is!)

One of the universities I toured was Berkeley! Berkeley was one of my top tier schools and, although I loved the campus itself, I didn't quite love the "old city" vibe outside of the campus. So unfortunately (or fortunately?), I have crossed a school off my list!
We also hiked, given that we were surrounded by mountains, and hiking is such a stress reliever! (A thank you to my Columbia jacket for keeping me nice and toasty!).
The Tommy logo snuck its way in to my mini collage because you wouldn't believe how much I shopped there! In seven days we went to eight outlet malls which all sported a TH store. I'm addicted to Tommy Hilfiger and I'm okay with that.
The rest of my time was mostly spent sitting in the sun, watching movies, and laughing with those cousins of mine.

I absolutely loved my Holiday in California! All that Vitamin D and family time has left me feeling completely re-energized and ready to tackle everything! Now that I'm back home, I've got to get some work done! Oh always arrives too early! Wish me luck!

How did you spend your holiday?

Much Love,

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