Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ETA California 17 Days

California is getting closer and with that, the California Prep Challenge continues! My cousins went to Spain over the past week and returned with gifts and love. I received a beautiful green sleeveless shirt from Topshop. I am utterly in love with it and couldn't resist wearing it today!

So far I have:
1 pair of pants
1 dress
1 shirt

Still looking for sailing clothes, some loungewear, and more. Feel free to comment if you want to help a girl out!

I'll update the post with pictures of the green shirt (that I'm obsessed with!) first thing tomorrow! I am so excited to spend my Christmas in San Fran. My Christmas last year was also spent in California and my visits there are so memorable. I find that Christmas in Cali is always warm, welcoming, and beautiful! Look at the tree we saw last year!

So you can definitely say I've got the holiday fever!

Much Love,

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