Monday, December 2, 2013

Open Mind, Open Heart

by Marcel Zeiss

Lately, I seem to find myself constantly thinking of the future. What mine will look like, where I will be in a couple years, who I will keep close to me as my life changes? I've been thinking (stressing) about college and change. I'm not the type of person who welcomes change and the little things that comfort me seem to be taken from me constantly. Sometimes during my day I realize that I've stopped doing whatever I'm doing because I'm lost, staring, into the depths of my imaginary future.

Everyday I take a moment to remind myself to stay open. Stay open to changes in my life, stay open to the people that come into my life. Stay open. That is the one thing that not only helps me get through my day, but also helps me to embrace everything going on around me. It relieves all the pressure I have about my future. I no longer find myself getting overwhelmed and I readily take things in stride and stay optimistic.

I'm pretty sensitive and I get fiery quickly, but thinking this way has helped me be increasingly compassionate towards others and myself. I remember to think of others and remind myself that I don't know what they are going through in their lives. I also remember to be kind to myself. Before, I would get angry with myself for making mistakes. Now I realize that my mistakes make me a better person and allow me to learn from my past.

So remember! Stay open, drop your worries, have some fun, and love...a lot!

Much Love,

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