Saturday, December 14, 2013

Organize Me

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and my favorite thing to do when I get like this is organize! Organizing can be a hassle (and oh, so tiring), but I love the refreshed feeling it gives me! Also, I'm leaving for California in a week and I'm so not ready at ALL. This weekend has been a savior and I'm so glad I'm getting time to relax and get organized. Plus, I got my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda in the mail (finally), so this is the perfect time to get my stuff together!

Some of my general (but useful!) tips for organizing are:
  • Create a To-Do List : Do this at the beginning of each day so you can get everything done! I either do this in my first class or in the morning with my coffee.
  • Planners or Agendas : (like above) So useful! I personally love the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda because it has a monthly chart before it goes into the week. Plus there's a section for notes and important dates. (And it's so cute so it makes organizing fun!!)
  • Color Coordinate :. It helps me so much and, again, it makes organizing fun!
  • Weekly review : Set aside time to review all the important dates you have coming up (assignments, notes, deadlines, and updates). I usually do this on Fridays and then again on Sundays. This will help you adapt to what's being thrown at you!
  • Block Work Time and Breaks! : I get tired of working quickly so I use my 10/30 rule! For every 30 minutes I work, I get a 10 minute break. You can adjust this to your preference! All I can say is that this works so well. The breaks help me to focus and attack the task at hand.
  • Prioritize! : This will help you do what needs to be done first.
  • Make Working Fun! : Use fun colors and stickers to keep things interesting!

Are you planning on getting organized?

Much Love,

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