Monday, February 17, 2014

Starry Nights

All this winter snow has got me thinking about summertime! I miss the twinkling lights of the sky, the smell of the sweet grass, the soft sounds of night animals, and the sound of my friends' laughter. There's nothing that gets me more excited than the hope of another great summer yet to come. I woke up this morning reminiscing about all the great times I've had. Most of my summer this year will consist of college visits and future planning, but I know I will have to save some time to go star gazing. These summertime memories always remind me that it's nice to stop thinking once in a while. Stop worrying about the future, stop thinking about every little detail. Some of the best times happen when you let yourself go, and though that usually happens during summertime for me, I hope I can incorporate this little mantra into my daily life. So here's to a day of no thinking, no worrying, and relaxation!


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